EBWH-063 The ultimate beautiful legs in stockings-Yu Sano Hinatako Mori

  • 9.7
  • Censored
  • 2024
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Mr. Yuki, a young and talented president of a major IT company, was told he had one year to live after a regular medical checkup. So, he decided to be admitted to a general hospital frequented by celebrities where his mistress, nurse Yuma, works. "Hehehe, I'm here~. Is dad okay?" "Huh? Wait a minute, who is this woman?" Another mistress, Hinako, a girl from Minato Ward, comes to visit Yumato at the hospital. batting. Two mistresses who argue fiercely compete for affection and cock for the property after the president's death... ``Daddy's money and dick are mine!'' A creampie affair battle between tall, beautiful-legged and lewd mistresses who fight for the sperm and assets of a wealthy president with their bodies! Two erotic beautiful leg play and raw slut FUCK that flares up from jealousy and pride in the hospital! ! !