JUQ-405 Forced to Have Sex Camping in the Town - Tsumugi Akari

  • 9.7
  • Censored
  • 2023
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"On weekdays? Who's going?" One day, his wife Tsumugi hands him a camping circular. Naturally, I said I couldn't go because of work, but Tsumugi, who is concerned about the eyes of the town and the women's association, seems to be willing to attend, even if it's just by herself. That night, when I sent my wife to see if there would be a large group of people, she informed me by email that there were only four participants. We spent two nights and three days deep in the mountains, where the signal was poor and it was difficult to turn back... To add insult to injury, we were told by people in the town that it was an unofficial event.