JUTA-136 Forty-year-old wife takes off her clothes for the first time-Hoshikawa Sa Yue

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  • Censored
  • 2024
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``I've always had a habit of focusing on one thing and neglecting others...Now all I can see is sex (lol)'' Satsuki Hoshikawa, the I-cup Noble wife who exudes elegance even while talking. , 40 years old. She has a strong desire to improve her sexuality and tries out the knowledge she acquired from watching the internet and AV in her daily life. After researching so much about the best sex that would make each other feel the most comfortable, she said that having sex with her husband once a week was no longer enough. ``Of course I love my husband, but love and sexual desire are two different things.'' Take a look at her high-potential erotic talent who can't control her urge to pursue even more pleasure!