MIAA-567 Lost to the temptation of childhood sweetheart who became a married woman, Luna Tsukino is in love with garbage

  • 9.7
  • Censored
  • 2023
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[Neat and cute first love Anoko was crazy ...] A childhood friend who reunited after a long time when she returned to her parents' house. I was already married and became a married woman, but my life in the country was too free and I wanted stimulation. The moment I lost the temptation saying "Hey, SEX while my husband is away" ... Suddenly a sudden change slut. I was deprived of my movements and stuck to Berokisu, tied up and stakeout woman on top posture, a tiny vacuum, and I was messed up in a nostalgic uniform and turned into a Ji Po guy. Drowning in the darkness of a Yandere woman who restrains her body and mind.