MIMK-101 Yinqiya beautiful girl, she was not happy even if she was raped by her class teacher 3. The teacher who abandoned her life also did pornographic things, a series FANZA with a total sales volume of more than 150,000 copies Fukada

  • 9.7
  • Censored
  • 2023
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A live-action version of the final version of the popular circle "Aomizu-an"'s "Yinka Bishoujo is raped by her homeroom teacher!" ] Akane, a girl who continues to be fucked by a big dick teacher almost every day. Even if a boyfriend is made, the training of a metamorphosis teacher does not stop, at a cafe, at an adult shop, at school ... The fate of Akane whose reason was broken by erotic mischief and unequaled SEX that erodes everyday life. From the manufacturer "Innocent" to "MOODYZ". The first original collaboration after Eimi Fukada's exclusive use! ].